John's Computer Journal: Simple Batch script Program Installer

Monday, April 23, 2007

Simple Batch script Program Installer

The following batch script will install a program into the Program Files directory on the computer. The batch script will create and register an uninstaller, and create a shortcut in the Start Menu. To uninstall the program simply click the program's entry in the "Add / Remove Programs" control panel.


Pass the script the name of a directory containing an executable. The script assumes the directory and executable have similar names. If the names don't match, rename either the directory or the executable.


The batch script will run on any Windows operating system. I have tested the batch script on Vista. Windows XP and 2000 should also work. To run the script on Windows 9x modify the startMenu variable to point to Windows 9x's start menu location.


Some programs don't have installers. Sometimes I'll put a program someplace and forget I have it because it doesn't show up in the start menu or in the "Add / Remove Programs" control panel.



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