John's Computer Journal: Clearlooks for Windows GTK+

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Clearlooks for Windows GTK+

The Clearlooks theme engine for GTK+ is a great alternative to the wimp theme engine. Because Vista introduces some bugs into the wimp engine, I've taken a look at compiling Clearlooks for use on Windows. MinGW compiles Clearlook's code without any problems on Vista.

For those who don't have the GTK+ toolchain setup I've attached the binary compilation of Clearlooks 0.6.2 for windows. I've packed the binaries into an Installer that should put everything into the correct location. If the installer doesn't work like it should, just unzip the executable and copy all the files within the Files directory into the root of the GTK 2.0 directory.

The Installer creates a backup of the current GTK+ theme configuration, so upon uninstalling the Clearlooks theme GTK+ will switch back to the previous configuration. Any GTK+ applications will have to be restarted before theme changes take place.



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