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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blogger Widget Generator

If you have a blogger widget you would like to share. Fill in the forms below and click Generate! to build a web form that will allow others to easily add your widget to their own blog.

Widget Information

  • widget.title - (Optional) The title you specify will display in the user's Page Elements tab when they edit their layout. It will also be shown as part of the default widget template. The title can be up to 100 characters long, and may contain well-formed HTML.
  • infoURL - (Optional) You can use this to specify a page on your site that describes your widget or gives other information about it. It will be used as a "more info" link on the setup page people see when adding your widget.
  • logoURL - (Optional) You can add an image URL here, and the image will be displayed next to the "more info" link. It should be thumbnail sized (i.e. less than 100x100 pixels).

  • widget.content - (Required) This is the actual content of your widget, which will be displayed on the user's blog. It can include almost any well-formed code that you want, except for <html> and <body> tags. The widget generator will escape all >'s and <'s and encode scripts.

    Script encoding is a work around that will keep blogger from choking on scripts during form transfer. To disable script encoding, put a space before the script keyword in the script tag; for example: < script> will disable script encoding, <script> will enable script encoding

  • widget.template - (Optional) This should follow the widget tag guidelines. You can also use any of the globally available data tags. If no template is specified, it uses <data:title/> <data:content/> as a default. The template is also escaped and script encoded (see widget.content above).


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