John's Computer Journal: Portable GVIM with Cream

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Portable GVIM with Cream

The following steps can be taken to create a portable GVIM with the Cream configuration.



  1. Extract the GVIM portable into a folder.
  2. Create a folder in the GVimPortable\App\vim\vim71directory called cream.
  3. Extract the Cream source files into the folder created in the previous step.
  4. Create a batch file in the same folder as the GVimPortable executable with the following information:
    @echo off
    set location=%~d0%~p0
    start "" "%location%\GVimPortable.exe" -u "%location%\App\vim\vim71\cream\creamrc" -i "%location%\Data\settings\.viminfo" -U NONE "--servername" "CREAM" "%*"


  • This tutorial was originally written for vim70 and a version of cream older than 4.0 but has since been updated to work with vim71 and cream 4.0.
  • For future versions, change the paths to correctly reflect the vim version and modify the start line of the batch file as needed.. The correct start line can be derived from inspecting the line after the :RUNCREAM label within the cream.bat file located within the cream source files.

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