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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Program Categories

The programs in the applications menu (start menu) can be organized into a standard arrangement that can reduce the effort needed to locate programs and related application files. maintains a suggested standard for application categories. The latest can be found at <>

The application categories I use are:

Accessories (Utilities)
Multimedia (Sound & Video, Audio & Video)
Network (Internet)
System (System Tools)

The preceding list was developed by comparing KDE and GNOME application categories present in default installations of Ubuntu, SUSE, and Mandriva distributions. The list contains common elements found within the distributions and the freedesktop standard.

Side Note: Recent application launchers now allow instant searching for a desired application which may supersede the need to keep an organized application launch structure. Users of Windows XP also can obtain the instant application search and launch functionality through the use of third party tools such as Google Desktop and Launchy.

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