John's Computer Journal: MyHD on Vista

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

MyHD on Vista

I am currently running a MyHD 100 card on Windows Vista without disabling the security features in Vista. The following is a list of steps and hints that can serve as a guide and reference.


  1. Download the latest driver. The latest driver can be found either on Digital Connection or on the AVS Forum.
  2. Install the driver using Windows XP compatibility mode.
  3. Set both the MyIRC and MyHD executables to run in Windows XP compatibility mode and as an administrator.


  • The MyIRC executable must be explicitly allowed to run every time the computer starts.
  • Time Shifting must be manually enabled. See the issue below.


  1. Do not enable "Full Time Shift." Enabling the Full Time Shift function will cause either an error message or a massive memory leak.
  2. The drivers (1.66.1) I used do not properly support hibernate and suspend in Vista. Make sure to not use suspend or hibernate or the system will blue screen and reboot. Disable suspend in the power control panel.
  3. Some functionality may not work as expected. It has been noted both on Digital Connection's MyHD FAQ and the MyHD FAQ on the AVS Forum that the DVD player and other functionality is disabled by the myHD program with Dual-Processor (DP)/HyperThreading (HT) (no matter what OS). The FAQ on the AVS Forum suggests disabling a processor/core or hyperthreading from either the bios or Windows boot.ini. Simply setting the process affinity will not work because the MyHD program specifically checks if the processor is DP or HT enabled. It may be possible to hack the binary to disable the DP and HT checking.

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